“I guess it’s leftovers again.” says weatherman who reheats bowl of unused Spaghetti Plots

This is the 17th day in a row where Todd, resident weatherman, has reheated a bowl of spaghetti plots for dinner, leftover from hurricane tracks that never came to pass.

“I used to watch as the leftovers just got thrown in the trash over and over again, and it didn’t seem right to me. All those plots going to waste. That’s when I started bringing Tupperware to work and taking them home with me. I let the production assistant know that I will now be the one in charge of taking the spaghetti plots to the trash…Then I sneakily stuff the plot into my exta-sized plastic container and stuff it in my backpack. This gives me the chance to eat my forecast, it’s really something else.” Said Todd. “Tonight I’m eating the plot I had of hurricane Todd Danza hitting North Dakota, which never materialized. Instead, it dissipated in the waters off South America.” said Todd, somehow excited about this prospect.

When asked how these spaghetti plots are made, Todd replied “The computer model just seems to have one feeling and throws a string over Florida, then gets this other feeling that maybe, just maybe, there will be a hurricane in Wisconsin and tosses a string over there. Next thing you know there are dozens and dozens of strings tossed with a few potential hurricanes and it really just all comes together into a fine-dining spaghetti plot experience. The one in the picture actually just ended up being a cumulus cloud traveling across the eastern seaboard.”

Todd continued to ramble on about how eating spaghetti every single night during hurricane season is exciting. “At least it’s not all regular spaghetti, I mean who wants to eat bland yellow colored strings? Doesn’t it get boring after the second or third string? If I wanted to be bored by my food I’d eat Saltines. This way, I’m eating colors of spaghetti that POP. Reds, shades of blue, indigo, and even tickle-me-pink! It’s a great variety of the same exact thing every day.” said Todd, as he tried to convince himself that this was a normal thing to do.

Todd even started a supply of spaghetti plots for the winter. “I will not be the fool running to the supermarket in a blizzard for food, all I have to do is go into my shed and take some plots off a clothesline where I will be preserving them for the coming winter months, using a salt and brine method.”

Todd began entertaining the thought of improving storm predictions, but then quickly wondered what he would eat for leftovers if this happened. “If they were accurate, then we would only need one map, which would mean no leftovers…Hmm.”

Todd has even begun experimenting with other ways of eating the plots. “I’ve started making spaghetti plot loafs, cakes, pies, turnovers, you name it I’ve tried it. I’m really broadening my horizons in the kitchen.” Todd also plans to put together a Spaghetti Plot Recipe Book for his fellow meteorologists. His only concern with that is, they will start taking home the spaghetti plot leftovers too.

Comedy/humor writer. Bozo navigating a serious world. brisasylvestre.com

Comedy/humor writer. Bozo navigating a serious world. brisasylvestre.com