Dog disturbed to find hundreds of photos of himself on owner’s phone

Thursday night, Milo, a husky mix, opened his owner’s phone to discover hundreds upon hundreds of photos of him, apparently captured without his knowledge. “I mean, I knew she idolized me but when I found a reel of seventeen photos of me licking my foot on the couch I knew she was obsessed. I mean c’mon it’s just absolutely uncalled for” said Milo.

Milo went on to express his grievance with this massive breach of his privacy. “There were photos of me sleeping, eating, staring out the window and of me grooming myself. You name it and this lady has it. Times where I thought I was totally alone I was under her constant surveillance, it’s truly mindblowinging creepy.”

Milo claims he interrogated his owner about the photos. “Yeah I asked her about it. Her response? She didn’t have one she just stared at me blankly like a deer in headlights” said Milo. “And I don’t even know what she does with all these pictures. I don’t see any photo albums, none of them framed, they just sit on her phone. So help me god if she’s posting these to her Instabook or whatever it’s called without my consent then I’m ready to serve her a steaming hot plate of legal trouble.”

Milo went on to complain about how he has a double-chin in roughly 75% of the photos and lambasted his owner’s photo taking abilities. “I could have taken better photos of myself with both paws tied around my back. It’s just a disgrace.”

When asked what Milo will do next he mentioned filing a police report, calling a lawyer or writing a cease and desist letter. Unfortunately, all options came off the table when he realized he couldn’t write and lacked the ability to make telephone calls. He settled with his owner after requesting she send his best photos to Purina so he could pursue a modeling career.

Comedy writer, nacho enthusiast, named after a restaurant that has 3.5 stars on Yelp.

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